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★Warranty period: within two years, free maintenance if there is a fault. After two years, if there is a problem with the product, consumers will only have to pay for the cost of the damaged part.

★Satellite tracking: GPS+BDS+Glonass+galileo+QZSS, support Beidou third-generation satellites, support five-star sixteen-frequency

Number of channels: 624 channels

Button:1 dynamic/static switch key, 1 power key

indicator light:1 differential signal light, 1 satellite light, 1 static data acquisition light, 1 power light

Operating system: LINUX operating system
Initialization time[1]: <5s (typ.)

Initialize reliability:  >99.99%

static precision;
Plane accuracy: ±(2.5+ 0.5×10-6×D) mm
Elevation accuracy: ±(5+0.5×10-6×D) mm

RTK accuracy
Plane Accuracy: ±(8 + 1×10-6×D) mm
Elevation accuracy: ±(15+ 1×10-6×D) mm

Stand-alone accuracy:1.5m

Code differential accuracy
Plane Accuracy: ±(0.25 + 1×10-6×D) m
Elevation accuracy: ±(0.5+ 1×10-6×D) m

physical properties:

Operating temperature;-45℃~+75℃

storage temperature:-55℃~+85℃

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