Hi Target V96

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Product Features

❑     Flexible Satellites signal management helps you to get a more accurate solution and provides a 20% improved performance in challenging GNSS environments.

❑     The calibration-free tilt compensation technology assists you to survey or stake out points accurately without leveling the pole, which boosts the working efficiency by 20 percent, with error that is less than 3cm within a 45º inclination.

❑     With the fast-charge capability, it will take you only 50 minutes to charge the battery up to 50 percent when using a 45-watt adapter, greatly saving your time.

❑     It is a fast and efficient way to monitor and control hardware devices, offering accesses to the most commonly-used features via the existing web browser on your device, so your device, so there is no need to download or install any other software.

❑     It can reduce downtime in the field with continuous RTK coverage during correction outages from an RTK base station or VRS network.

❑     Latest ihand55 controller.

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