LS10 Leica LS10 0.3mm digital level with battery GEB 334 and KL311 charger

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More comfort with exceptionally reliable results

Complicated infrastructure demands the uppermost accuracy when defining and setting out reference heights. With dedication in striving forward, Leica Geosystems have produced the Leica LS10 & LS15 Digital Levels to provide an enjoyable field experience. From measuring roads, railways, bridges or other structures, the Leica LS Digital Levels provide reassurance and ease to an extensive range of complicated levelling applications.

The Leica LS15 achieves all project steps, simplifying demanding tasks associated with the levelling process. 0.2 mm accuracy is accomplished by aiming at the target with the use of the colour touch display and pressing the measuring control. Features such as an electronic bubble, autofocus and tilt checks prior to each measurement help to reduce measuring professionals’ fatigue over a day’s work, reducing the risk of human-based errors.

Faster staff sighting

The Leica LS15 Digital Level is the only one on the market which is equipped with a camera and enables target staffs to be sighted quicker. Operators need to simply locate the staff on the cameras touch screen display and press the measuring button which automatically records the staff reading and measurement data.

Precise hardware

Automated functions and industry-leading 0.2 mm accuracy to standard Invar staffs deliver unmatched reliability. Precision begins by using the electronic level bubble to set up instruments. After one button press, automatic tilt checks are made prior to each measurement. Integrated autofocus not only finds your target faster, it increases measurement accuracy by maximising contrast of the staff.

Infinitely bridging field to office

The field experience of Leica LS digital levels does not finish in the field. After easily transferring your data to the office via a USB or Bluetooth®, Leica Infinity processes your results hassle-free back in the office. This intuitive software enables easy-tounderstand displays of complex levelling data. Combine tables with graphics or even cross check project data in one window for one overall view of level lines, line calculations or adjustments.

Highest Accuracy

  • 0.2 mm accuracy even with standard Invar staffs
  • Electronic level bubble for perfect instrument setup
  • Tilt check prior to each measurement
  • Autofocus for maximal contrast of staff

Efficiency of Work

  • Digital camera enables fast and accurate staff sighting
  • Streamline levelling processes with just one push of a button
  • Fast and easy data transfer using USB and Bluetooth® connectivity

Field Experience

  • Visualisation of level lines in the field and in the office
  • Screenshots document site and field results
  • Step-by-step display guidance for levelling line flows

Technical Specification

Leica LS10 & LS15 Digital Levels
Leica LS10
Leica LS15
Height Accuracy using standard Invar staff
0.3 mm
0.2 mm, 0.3 mm
Height Accuracy using standard staff
1.0 mm
1.0 mm
Distance Accuracy
15 mm at 30 m
15 mm at 30 m
Measurement Minimum Range
1.8 m
1.8 m
Measurement Maximum Range
110 m
110 m
Measurement Time
Typically 2.5 sec
Typically 2.5 sec
Autofocus working range 
1.8 m to infinity
Autofocus time to focus 
Typically 4 sec
Camera field of view 
6° x 4.8° (7.7° diagonal)
Camera frame rate 
Up to 20 frames per second
Camera focus 
3 m to infinity
Digital Compass Accuracy 
3 gon / 2.7°
Compensator working range
± 10‘
± 10‘
Compensator Accuracy  
Compensator Magnetic field sensitivity
≤ 1"
≤ 1"
RS232 / USB 
Mini USB
Internal memory
30,000 measurements
30,000 measurements
USB stick
3.6 inches, QVGA, colour, touch
3.6 inches, QVGA, colour, touch
Telescope magnification
Minimum focusing distance
0.6 m
0.6 m
Electronic level bubble 
Working range 0.07 gon / 0.063°
Accuracy6 0.015 gon / 0.013°
Weight (including battery)
Internal battery / operating time
Exchangeable Lithium-Ion / 12 h
Exchangeable Lithium-Ion / 12 h
External power 
12.8 V DC (10.5-18 V)
Working temperature range
-20 °C to +50 °C
-20 °C to +50 °C
Dust / Water (IEC 60529)
95%, non-condensing
95%, non-condensing


804550 2 PC. LS10 0.3mm, precision digital level with magnetically damped compensator, internal memory, communication interfaces (USB host, USB device,Bluetooth)

and levelling application programs, with Quick Guide and container.

667113 2 PC. GTL4C, Telescopic levelling staff 4m, aluminium, bar code/mm-graduation, with bull`s-eye bubble, in transport bag.

296632 2 PC. GST20 Tripod, telescopic, with plumb bob.

Robust, well-established tripod for general use.

Suitable for Total Stations, GNSS,

Scanners, Levels, and Lasers.

Extendible 180 cm (5.9ft), weight 6.4 kg (14.1lb)

765199 2 PC. MS1, Industrial grade USB memory stick 1GB.

905306 4 PC. GEB333 Battery int Li-Ion 11.1V/3500mAh

1432 2 PC. PowerSupply Configuration With following configuration:

799185 2 PC. GKL311, Charger Pro 3000 basic charger for one Li-Ion battery,

GEB211/212, GEB221/222, GEB241/242,
GEB331/333 and
GEB361/363 including AC/DC adaptor.
733273 2 PC. AC/DC-Adapter for GKL211, GKL112, UK.

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