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Mainframe features Intelligent kernel intelligent Linux system platform, a new generation of Cortex-A5 microprocessor, embedded Linux operating system + Ruide intelligent cloud, the receiver is a complete intelligent system, with Ruide's powerful cloud service platform, it can With remote registration and upgrade, remote service and remote diagnosis, you can enjoy Ruide's star-rated service without leaving home.

The appearance of Linuxinside adopts a classic symmetrical design, with two buttons + five indicator lights + voice broadcast, focusing on product controllability, high-strength wave particle shell, using crystalline molecular materials, better wear resistance, higher microwave penetration rate.

The new network architecture, Tri4505. Supports the current mainstream CORS system. SOUTH adopts PPP dial-up technology based on Linux platform, and automatically and real-time heartbeat interaction with the base station to ensure continuous online Bluetooth data link during the measurement process. Interoperability, the receiver can use the handbook network to receive differential signals, long distance: 100 meters limit connection, stable signal transmission, compatible with 2.1 standard, convenient and flexible application. Dual-mode long-distance Bluetooth Dual-mode long-distance Bluetooth mm(11)) WI-FI .

Support fast charging, rich external charging configuration, default support Chinese, English, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish; support voice custom intelligent voice electronic bubble check centering rod When it is level or not, the user does not need to pay attention to the physical bubbles of the centering rod. The electronic bubbles on the handbook measurement software accurately display the leveling state of the centering rod in real time... Inertial navigation measurement (optional) Integrated inertial navigation module to realize inertial navigation Integrate and solve with satellite positioning, improve the user's work efficiency by more than 20%. 

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