SinoGNSS Comnav T300

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▲Tilt compensation, support tilt measurement within 30°.

▲WIFI connection, with WIFI hotspot function, any smart terminal can access the receiver, query and configure the receiver parameters.

▲The T300 Plus GNSS receiver adopts the RTK algorithm with completely independent intellectual property rights of Sinan Navigation, and currently supports the whole system and all frequency points, and supports a variety of satellite-based enhanced signals (which can be extended to support BDS global signals);

▲Integrated data link , 4G, Bluetooth, WIF, storage, tilt measurement and other functional modules are integrated, making the receiver structure exquisite and simple, compact and lightweight;

▲With electronic bubble function, making the measurement more convenient; a higher-performance processor, making the data processing ability more efficient;

▲Intelligent signal tracking technology adapts to more severe, complex and changeable use environments;

▲Compatible with domestic and foreign mainstream data packets, networks, data links and other protocols;

▲Dual battery design ensures long-lasting battery life; Industrial IP67 waterproof and dustproof, Sturdy and drop-resistant.

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